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Please guides me in right direction for equalizer

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Dear All:

I hope Someone advises me in appropriate way for equalizer. I have a PC with

Windows 2012 Server with


HQplayer with  

audiophile optimizer

PC is attached to Belcanto ulink, which is linked to

mcintosh mx 121 preamp connected to

Krell 7 channel power amp which is attached to

B&W 802 D2 speakers and

Rell g2 subwoofer


The equipment is in my living room, I do not wish to go insane with room treatments. Room Dimensions are 26L x 15W x 8H ft. One side of the 26 feet is a wall, while opposite side is all open to dinning, kitchen an hallway. Both sides of 15 ft are closed.

I use this room for both Audio and Video. For Audio listening I sit at 12 feet from the speakers making equilateral triangle. While watching movies I sit at 18 feet away.

I ran REW (Room EQ wizard) these are the measurments I got

I don’t have a choice of moving the equipment around, so I prefer to run EQ filters to solve whatever I can. With McIntosh MX 121 manual EQ, starting frequency of 63 Hz and next one is 125 Hz, so I am already out of Low band frequencies.


I was thinking if I could introduce an EQ right on my windows 2012 server and aviod a physical DSP in between my system.


I will really appreciate any professional advice, should I use software-based equalizer? Which one is the best and simple EQ? I will prefer if the EQ tweaks itself using measurements from Room EQ Wizard or similar application.     



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