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Article: Reality Quest: Going to Extremes with the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme (Part 4 of 5)

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14 hours ago, ray-dude said:


It has a very happy home already (and yes, I did disclose why I was selling and my findings with the Extreme to the very happy buyer).  Except for Extreme owners, the tX-USBultra has my highest recommendation, and I consider it a gem.

Innuos Zenith SE and Statement owners also need to be careful. I found the tx-USBUltra to be a significant downgrade with my Zenith SE in a highly optimised network. It robbed the system of its final degree of magic and was clearly outperformed by a simple Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Ref USB cable. It would be a clear downgrade with an Innuos Statement, with its further optimised USB interface, 3ppb clock and dedicated dual linear power supply rails. 

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