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Martin Herløv Andersen

SFP Transciver module for UpTone Audio EtherREGEN

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I think you might be better off going with 1000Base-LX instead of 1000Base-ZX.  I found the following SFP to sound better than the Startech SFPs mentioned above.  The Startech SFPs required use of attenuators and sounded somewhat mechanical even with them in place.



So maybe choose this one instead: 



Digital:  Innuos Zenith Std Mk2 > Shunyata Sigma USB > Chord Hugo M-Scaler > Wireworld Gold Startlight > OPTO DX > Shunyata Alpha S/PDIF > Chord Hugo TT2 

Amp & Speakers:  Spectral DMA-150mk2 > Aerial 10T

Foundation: Stillpoints Ultra, Shunyata Denali power conditioner, Shunyata Alpha power cords, Shunyata Alpha interconnect, Shunyata Sigma Ethernet, MIT Matrix HD60 speaker cables, ASC isothermal tube traps

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