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FS: VH Audio Flavor 2 power cord, 4 ft

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4 ft VH Audio Flavor 2 power cord with upgrade Furutech FI-11 (copper) plugs on both ends designed and assembled by Chris Venhaus of VH Audio. A little wear on the shrink wrap around the plugs otherwise excellent. Retails for $254. Will sell for $130 shipped/Paypal.

Features of this design include:

* Two 12 AWG low strand count bare copper conductors for very low resistance. The safety ground wire is 12 AWG tinned copper.
* Deep Cryogenic treatment of the power conductors.
* FEP insulation of all conductors, including the ground wire AND outer protective jacket.
* No shield is utilized in order to maintain unrestricted macro and micro dynamics. Analog components don't generate the same amount of noise that digital components radiate, so shielding in addition to the twisted pair geometry is unnecessary.
* Twisted pair geometry with tight lay length (twists per inch) provides excellent RFI/EMI rejection, and also reduces the inductance (raises capacitance).
* VH Audio's "Spaced Counter-spiraled Ground"™ geometry, which helps reduce the sonic effects of having a safety ground.
* The wire termination points are treated with "TPC- The Perfect Connection" contact enhancer before termination.
* Deep Cryogenic treatment of conductors is standard. Cryogenically treated WattGate brass plugs are included in the standard cord price. Connectors available at additional cost include Furutech's FI-11, FI-25, U.K. and Schuko series, as well as WattGate's 330 and 350 series.




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