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New & Unused Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS with Mundorf Caps- 12V

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Just received Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS with Mundorf Caps- 12V with DC cable. 2.5mm termination.


I thought I was going to sell my tube amp, but decided to keep it. I can't the DC3 and the tube amp, and so the LPS has to go. It hasn't been plugged in yet.


Sean made this for me, and I received it this past week. It has a 5 year warranty. (See email from Sean below)


I paid $1450, and am selling it for $1200.


The alternative is for you to sell it yourself - there are some audio forums where my PSUs seem to be well regarded. I will be willing to make an exception to my usual rule and I will allow the remainder of the 5 year warranty on it to be transferred from you to the new owner. The warranty period started on the day that you received it. You can sell to the buyer directly, and then have them contact me to confirm their new ownership with me.
Kind Regards,




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12 hours ago, Downtheline said:

Is this the 1.5 amp version?

Your version can supply 3A continuously (and a bit more in fact), or 5A for short periods. It doesn't have the boost module fitted (this is designed to do 5A continuous, and higher in some cases) but it will suit any low-power and medium-power requirements. NUCs etc are ideal, as are routers, switches etc. The Roon Nucleus Plus for example states 3.5A as a requirement but in reality it draws far less than this, apart from one or two very brief start-up pulses, and it would work fine with your PSU.

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