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Duplicating such here would be good!

elgar iso tran(2.5kVa, .0005pfd)>consonance pw-3 boards>macmini(16gb ram-ssd-clones psu-mmk)[hd(psu)]>netgear gs105>ghent ethernet(et linkway cat8 jssg360)>etherRegen(lps1.2)(uptone smps)>ghent ethernet(et linkway cat8 jssg360) >ultraRendu(lps1.2)(js-2 split)>uspbc>iso regen(lps-1)(js-2 split)>curious link>rme adi-2 dac(js-2)>cawsey cables>naquadria sp2 passive pre> 1.naquadria lucien mkII.5 power>elac fs249be + elac 4pi plus.2> 2.perreaux9000b(mods)>2xnaq12” passive subs.

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