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Linn Kazoo problems - Tidal/Qobuz

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Anyone else having problems for the past couple days with accessing Tidal through Linn Kazoo?  I'm a longtime owner of the UltraRendu and have been using it with Linn Kazoo/Tidal for 2-3 years now.  Have had little issues in the past that were usually cured by restarting the UR or restarting the MPD/DLNA in sonicorbiter.  Those aren't working this time.


Two days ago I suddenly lost catalog access to Tidal in Kazoo.  Trying to log in to Tidal produces long wait screens and it never logs in.  I just resubscribed to Qobuz to give that a shot, in case it was an issue with Tidal, and no luck there either.  Is Kazoo broken?  Or is this something with UR settings?  


About a year ago I gave Qobuz a try with a one month free trial.  About a week into that free trial, I had this same kind of thing happen.  After a couple days of trying to troubleshoot to no avail, I switched back to Tidal and it worked fine.  I unsubscribed from Qobuz and went on with my life.  At that time, I even inquired with the support people at Qobuz, and they indicated they had made an update to their catalog accessing code and that it might be that Linn had not updated Kazoo yet to be compatible with it.  But I was a bit suspicious of that explanation, because I didn't see anyone else complaining on forums about it like I would have expected, given the number of people using Kazoo and Qobuz.  


Now it appears the same thing has happened to Tidal, and Qobuz still won't work with me.


Anybody have any ideas what's going on here?

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Alright, I just installed the mconnect lite app, and it appears to connect to both Tidal and Qobuz just fine, and to play through the UR.  I guess I'll just use that for the time being until Linn's apps start working again.

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A new version of upmdpcli has been released 1.4.10 which contains a working TIDAL API token to replace the old non-functioning one:



Sonore should update the Rendu's upmdpcli to the latest version.

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