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Mike Rubin

Do hi-res files sound better than Redbook when converted to DSD?

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I am using Roon on a trial and did not expect to as impressed as I am with the sound quality. I hugely prefer the businesslike JRiver interface but tried Roon because someone I respect told me that he had gotten better sound quality from the ESS chip that both our DACs use by converting the stream to DSD256. JRiver can convert similarly for local ASIO playback but not over DLNA. 


Converted Roon DSD is a substantial improvement over DLNA, one I really didn't expect and one that might overcome my loathing of Roon's extravagant pricing. 


Quick question to anyone else trying this:  I have replaced a big chunk of my library with hi-res PCM and DSD versions of CD's I ripped to FLAC and DSD files from ripped SACDs. With the conversion of files to DSD256, does it matter whether the source is Redbook or hi-res?  In other words, do hi-res files sound better when converted than do "regular" lossless files? 


Or maybe this all is in our heads. :) Who knows? 

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Basement:  Synology 218+ NAS > NUC 10 i7>Roon/Audirvana/JRiver Media Server > ASUS AC-87R Router > Netgear GS348 Switch >TrendNet FMC>Sonore OpticalModule> UltraRendu > NuPrime IDA-8 > KEF LS50's

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Well, the standard view would be it depended mainly on the quality of recording, DR etc ... eg on sacds, the redbook layer often has a different-inferior re-mastering cf to the dsd layer.

The key framing of the question would be comparing 2 recordings of say 16-44 & dsf64 or 24-192 that had identical recording quality.

If that were possible.

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