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Mytek Brooklyn DAC Problems

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On 5/17/2020 at 2:46 PM, agladstone said:

I am now playing DSD256 as Native DSD perfectly with the DAC+, feeding it from an Aurender Music Server (it’s Linux based, very similar to the MacOS). 
Aurender needed to load a custom Linux patch / code / driver for it to work. 
I have also read that SoTM and Sonore and Roon Player also all have custom patch code for Linux based servers for Mytek DACs. 
Mytek themselves have not yet created a patch, but lots of other companies have. 
I suspect you could find one for JRiver too. 

Actually we do not need a custom patch for this device on our operating system. Others may need a custom patch because they are using outdated / older Kernels. 

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