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Mahler Symphony 10 Completions

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Wow, very impressive. You binge-listened to quite the collection there!  Now I need to catch up! Thanks for your impressions.


The first Adagio movement was the most completed part of this symphony by the composer, so has the least need for completion. That's why it is (and should) be similar in all the completion versions. And indeed, is the one performed the most by conductors who don't want to touch any of the completion versions.


For my part, my listening last night continued with two more completion versions:


Remo Mazetti completion version: Slatkin/St. Louis: 





"Samale & Mazzuca" completion version: Sieghart/Arnhem: 





I must say, I found both of these versions to be quite attractive. While the Samale & Mazzuca version does tend to have a less Mahlerian feel to it, it's an outstanding recording on the Exton label. The Mazetti version is actually quite compelling, and seems to hew to a Mahlerian feel much like the Cooke.


Just like Dausgaard's version is actually Cooke III, the 3rd and final revision of Cooke's version published in 1976, Mazetti published a 2nd revision of his version after the Slatkin/St. Louis recording. There is a recording of that version, call it Mazetti II, by Jesus Lopez-Cobos/Cincinnati on Telarc, but I can't find it on streaming.


Still, both these versions were far more appealing than the Wheeler and Clinton completions, that I actually disliked.


When all is said and done though, I still find the Cooke III to be the most compelling completion version so far, and the Dausgaard to be the best performance and recording.


Tonight's plan: Barshai and Gamzou.

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I was able to get my hands on the Jesús López-Cobos/Cincinnati recording on Telarc. This is a Remo Mazzetti II completion.




This is a really fine recording, and a very enjoyable performance. While I'm no expert, I did find subtle differences between this version and the Mazzetti I completion on the Slatkin/St. Louis recording.


While this doesn't change my preference for the Cooke III completion, and the Dausgaard/Seattle performance, it does reinforce my conclusion that of all the other full orchestral completions of the 10th, only the Mazzetti has tickled my fancy. 


Other than Cooke III, which I will always prefer, I found the Mazzetti II and Castelletti chamber completions to be the only ones I also enjoyed. 

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