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No Audio Output JRiver MC

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Just setting up JRiver player but output only thru internal spkr's
My system:
Mac Book Pro 2013 with HI Sierra 10.13.6   2.4 GHz Intel Core
8GB Ram 250 GB SSD Internal drive
External 4TB WD HD with only Music 1,130 Albums
Thunderbolt To cat-6 Ethernet to Old Netgear router, Cat7 ethernet to Micro Rendu,  Cables used Oyaide neo d+ Class A USB 2.0, Stellar Gain Cell DAC-Micro Rendu with latest Upgrade to make it close to Ultra Rendu
LPS-1 Power Supply-Grounded Cable, XLR cables to PS Audio M700 Mono Blocks 350 into 8Ω
Paradigm Studio 100v.3 series speakers BiWired 8Ω Spiked
Audio Software Audirvana+  latest version 3.5.11

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40 minutes ago, davide256 said:

UPNP isn't turned on by default in JRiver, you have to enable it,under network I think. then select the microRendu as output device, assuming you already have the MR optioned for UPNP endpoint. Its been a while since I used windows version of JRiver, I do recall that setting it up for streaming wasn't straight forward,

believe you also had to select DAC "type"

Can't find Network to enable UPNP 

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On 5/12/2020 at 8:11 AM, davide256 said:

hopefully Mac is similar to windows under JRMC

From JRMC open Tools - Options

Select Media Network

Enable DLNA/library sharing and complete the setup wizard steps. Its at this point that you select 24 bit DAC.

Exit options menu after any save steps needed


Once this is done, give it a moment for network discovery. On the regular menu, expand the playing now option to see available devices, this was all it took for me to

see my Oppo 103 as a playback endpoint. Assuming your MR is set to UPNP you should see it in the list. I believe you can also use airplay with JRMC and MR but

I've not used that option.

Can't find setup wizard. I'm on a Mac Thanks

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