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FS: DIY Power Cables (Round I)

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I am selling some of my power cables that I have created over the last year or so to test different theories. More cords will become available as I replace the rest of the DIY cords in my stable. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Insurance beyond the standard $50 for USPS priority mail can be added at buyer’s expense. All measurements are the cables length between the plugs. 

1. 55 in. 8 Awg with mil-spec silver plated copper and Teflon insulation. Terminated in rhodium plugs.
-This was my first iteration and in my personal preference, the best one before my last iteration. Good detail and great separation. Can carry a boat load of current and very low impedance. $60

2. 40 in. of the unassembled cable used to make the power cord below. 12 Awg live and neutral, 10 Awg ground. Live and neutral are OCC silver plated copper with Teflon insulation. Ground is mil-spec silver plated copper with Teflon insulation.
-This was my fourth iteration of cables. The voicing of the cable is tilted towards highs and very detailed. Gives up a little in the bass department. I am a mids guy and don’t care too much for things tilted towards the highs but if that is your flavor then this is your cable. $35

3. 78 in. 8 Awg with mil-spec silver plated copper and Teflon insulation. Terminated in  a rhodium plug and a copper plug.
-This was my built during my first round of testing for my isolation transformer. Can carry all the current you will ever need and then some. Very low impedance. $60

-Can be re-terminated with copper plugs on both ends or Rhodium plugs in both ends for an additional $10. In either case one end will be for a 20A IEC receptacle. 

2014 Mac Mini -> iBox-V1000 -> (LPS4) 20G -> (LPS-1.2) SU-1 -> Spring KTE -> KGGG -> SR-L700
Debut Carbon DC -> Freya -> Stealth 8
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