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Upgrade from windows laptop to?

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Hi, I searched abit and could not exact find an answer to my question.  I'm running a Project Pre box S2, with a USB stick as storage with Jriver.


My question is, what piece of equipment might give me even better performance,  sound quality, yadda? A streamer, or a Mac Mini and going towards that eco system, or am I headed for deep water money wise which might not be the best R.O.I.


I've heard and read many use the mini as the brains.


My laptop is an Asus, Intel I3. Every sounds very good, not unhappy. Listening to Tidal MQA, plus 2k AIFF files.

I know Bluessound is out there as well as the Aires, and others. 


Thank you for your patience reading through an elementary question, I'm a musician. There are posts or resource section that really drills down into digital audio for newbies, please direct me to it.

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