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HQPlayer device not found

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since 7 days i have the problem that hqplayer does not find a device on startup. USB and Network-Cabling is correct, DAC with Singxer F1 (USB) is powered on. Config of HQ-Player-NAA seems to be correct. Workgroup-Name is correct, IP-V4 was activated, ping to NAS-Server and SMS-200ultra is correct. As a trial i activated IP-V6 Protokoll in System-Config and HQ-Player-NAA config. After restart of PC and SMS-200 there are no changes. There are no additional Network-Adapters in PC, VPN-Client and Firewall is deactivated on w10-startup. Squeezebox runs with no problems, MPD-DLNA runs with Foobar (no problems).


After this, i made an upgrade to newest Sotm-Version from April 2020, but there are no changes.

Sotm-System config recognized the DAC on DAC-Information - Singxer F1 device is shown.


I think, if MPD-DLNA works with Foobar it's an error on HQ-Player-NAA?. Maybe reinstall this feature on Sotm? Or do i have to check router config? Any ideas?

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Thank you Miska. There is no WLAN-Adapter and the North-VPN-Interface-Adapter can't be deactivated, only with closing app.

I will try to uninstall the VPN - in the past, i disabled the VPN for 5 minutes and started HQ-Player without problems. I will try and give some feedback -

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