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Article: Review | Stax Audio SRM-700T Amplifier / Energizer for Electrostatic Headphones

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4 hours ago, andrewmg said:

Thanks for the review!


Any comment on how the SRM-700T compares with the SRM-007tII in terms of sound?

Sorry Andrew, I’ve never heard a SRM-007tII. I have heard a SRM-007t, but it was on a pair of the original SR-007 headphones, which Stax hasn’t made in probably 10 years, so I resist hazarding a guess about the sound of any of the above equipment with which I am not familiar..

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Kay Ho of Stax, asked me to include an expanded entry on the current ownership of Stax:


Today, Stax is wholly-owned by a Edifier Manufacturing Limited, one of the foremost audio manufacturers in China who also owns a mainstream speaker brand, Edifier and hifi audio brand, AIRPULSE in partnership with Phil Jones of AE-1 fame. Edifier has retained all manufacturing aspects of STAX in its Japanese facilities and continues to work with a local team to produce these handcrafted Earspeakers.


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Hi Sonis,


You're the MAN!!


I bought a pair of Stax SR-009S and a SRM-700T, largely on the basis of this review, about a month ago.  I was thinking there was >50% chance I'd send them back and eat the restocking fee, but COVID made me desperate.  I had tried the Focal Utopias (too cold), and the RAAL Requisites (too hot), and pretty much given up on finding a pair of headphones that I would enjoy as much as my speakers.  But these are amazing. It seems like I get lost in them every night.  I think it's the "intimacy" you describe in your review.  Thanks so much

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