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I am selling 2 Shunyata Alpha Clock-50 Cables. Both are 1/2 meter (roughly 21 inches) with BNC connections on both ends - cables are 50-ohm. I used these with my Mutec Ref-10. They retail for $1,000 each. I am selling them for $550 each plus shipping costs, or $1,000 plus shipping for the pair. USA sales only.



Cable: 50-ohm coaxial PMZ, FEP dielectric, silver-plated braided shielding

Termination: True 50-ohm BNC compression connectors

Characteristic Impedance: 50-ohm


PM me if interested.




IMG_3766 (3).JPG

IMG_3767 (3).JPG

IMG_3764 (3).JPG

IMG_3765 (3).JPG

IMG_3763 (3).JPG

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After posting the above post I realized it might not be clear. My intent was to say I am willing to entertain offers.

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