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 =>  Metrum Amethyst DAC + headphone amp - BLACK

...Includes original box and accessories (latter unopened)




I'm a massive fan of the NOS R2R approach when it is implemented well, and this DAC + Headphone Amp combo with its relatively uncoloured "but a mite to the warm side" in the mids, organic sound signature is very adept at taming sibilance without sacrificing resolution.  Especially does vocals justice, lending a sense of full body & involvement if that area's of import to you.  The Amethyst is a good match with my headphones - Arya, LCD-2 Classic & HD 650.  


No longer using as I have moved to the Amethyst's big sibling, Onyx - more of the same goodness, but with an added refinement in opening up the soundstage presentation & in its rendering of low level details esp. in the freqency extremes...albeit at more than double the price of the Amethyst and w/o a head amp! 😛


Bought new in Feb 2019.  9-10 months warranty remaining.  

Mint condition, low hours, smoke/pet free + temp/humidity controlled environment (bedroom).


Asking $650.  I will cover both the PayPal fees and standard shipping to the continental US. Thanks.

Metrum Amethyst - Front.jpg

Metrum Amethyst - Rear.jpg

Metrum Amethyst - Bottom.jpg

Metrum Amethyst - Box.jpg

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