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Am I right in thinking that Paul Hynes SR7 DR LPSU with two rails can power up to two devices? 


I have the SMS 200 neo, and plan to get the etherRegen switch. Which clock would you recommend if not the  Mutec Ref10? 


Which of the three devices would mostly benefit from the SR7 PSU? What LPSU would you recommend for the third device?

Custom built silent Media PC, Synology DS415+ NAS -> SoTM sms200Ultra/sps500  -> TAD DA1000 DAC/preamp and Bryston 4BSST2 power amp -> Harbeth SHL5 speakers and Velodyne DD10+ subwoofers. PowerQuest Carbon USB cable, Chord Company Chorus interconnects, Chord Company Signature speaker leads, Clearer Audio Silver-Line power leads

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