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Timeline for JCAT's upcoming XE Net/USB card

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What is your proposed time line for the JCAT's upcoming XE Net and USB card?

Please also share some of your philosophy with this build.

Thank you

Synology NAS (LPS) >UA ETHER REGEN (BG7TBL Master Clock) > MACMINI (Uptone MMK JS-2) > Auralic Aries 2.1 > (LPS-2) > AUDIO-GD DI20HE (BG7TBL Master Clock) (I2S OUT)LampizatOr GG /Meridian 808.3> Wavac PRT1 / Wavac EC300B >Tannoy Canterbury SE


HP Rig ++ >Woo WES/ > Stax SR-009, Audeze LCD2

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