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49 minutes ago, Confused said:

@MetalNuts - As someone who was born and bred in England and who has been a lifelong supporter of our national football team, I find your recent posts to be offensive and not at all humorous.


I suggest that we resolve this matter in a most appropriate and English way, a duel.


Pistols at dawn!



If you are not keen on actual real pistols at dawn, then as a more modern and safer alternative we could try a penalty shootout, that should resolve the matter. 

My dear friend, I was born and raised in a British colony and I was no less than you a supporter of the British National football team.   It is a pity and shame that the England football fans only have 1966 World Cup to talk about.  What went wrong?  Why England is still being beaten by other countries which were late comers to the sport?  These are serious questions that deserved answers. The last solution I can think of is to stop blaming other countries which improved and developed over the good old days British Empire.😅


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9 hours ago, MetalNuts said:

"the good old days British Empire"


Sounds like an oxymoron to me.  🙂

"Relax, it's only hi-fi. There's never been a hi-fi emergency." - Roy Hall

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - William Bruce Cameron


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Windows 10 PC, Roon, HQPlayer, SOtM sMS-200Ultra, tX-USBultra, Paul Hynes SR4 (x2), Mutec REF10, Mutec MC3+USB, Devialet 1000Pro, KEF Blade.  Plus Pro-Ject Signature 12 TT for playing my 'legacy' vinyl collection.

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