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FS - Demo of Art Audio Conductor Preamp (Tube)

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This unit is the Demo Unit that we have used at AXPONA and Capital Audiofest.  I have used this unit in other Demo applications so it has maybe 150 to 200 hours on it.  It replaced a PS Audio BHK and paired with single ended amps was a clear step forward.  Will come with a full five year warranty on the unit and six months on the tubes.   
Five single ended inputs, a tape loop, two single ended outputs, and a truly amazing headphone amp makes this a very special centerpiece to any system.  Even better, this unit is equipped with variable gain and you can switch between 0dB and 25dB making it highly flexible for both headphone and speaker use.   The same circuits are used for both making this by far the best headphone amp I have ever hear.  

This is a factory demo unit and will come with the full five year warranty on product, six months on the tubes.  

I will pay for shipping or local pickup in Greenwich, CT.  No Paypal or CC fees.   Sales tax only if purchased in CT.  

Read the review here:


Conductor Back.jpg

Conductor Inside.jpg


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