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FS: Demo Unit - Art Audio Composer Solo w/Power Supply, Arm & Cartridge

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Price is $9749 with Ortofon TA-110 Tonearm and Cadenza Blue MC Cartridge, $7299 for the table and power-supply without the arm and cartridge.  Price includes shipping to the lower 48 and any CC/PayPal Fees.  


This unit is being sold so we can bring in a new direct-drive turntable that will be coming from Art Audio.  


This is the Demo-Unit of the Composer Solo turntable and Phase 1 power supply.  These must sell together as the Composer Solo has a UK power supply and the Phase 1 is needed to ensure proper power conversion.   


This was the analog input for our room at AXPONA - Check out our room review at part-time audiophile:



It’s no secret that the Art Audio Composer started life as the Clarity Turntables made by Claro Engineering, the world respected aerospace engineers. However, for various reasons, this project, which was started by Claro for a client never came to fruition.  At this point, Art Audio saw the potential of the basic design and took over the project and its future development.  The company’s managing director and designer, Tom Willis, was well suited to this as his background was initially in electro-mechanical engineering.


Technically the Composer turntables are second to none. They consist of a plinth made from black anodized aluminum machined to a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm which is mounted on three machined aluminum feet.   


To ensure rotational stability, the Composer has a dual motor design.  These two AC motors provide excellent torque and when matched paired with the Phase 1 Power Supply, you can achieve flawless speed control.  


We then have the first centrally mounted CNC machined subplatter that is perfectly concentric and balanced.


Composer Solo.jpg

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