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Hey Guys,


I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on a JS-2 to power my etherregen. Can anyone with a JS-2 powering an etherregen comment on what improvements if any I might hear. Also another 2 questions: 1) I also want to power another component that will be on the A side of the etherregen—-can I power both the etherregen and the A side component from the same JS-2 power supply without detrimental effects? 2) is the JS-2 a floating design such that I would need to ground the etherregen (I will have more than one connection to the A side of etherregen)? 

Thanks in advance for your help guys!!



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see this thread:



Roon / Mola Mola Tambaqui / Kubala-Sosna XLR / Mola Mola Kaluga / KS biwire / B&W 803 D3

+ essentials:  UpTone JS-2 LPS >> Sonore Optical Module > UpTone EtherREGEN

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