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FS - Demo of 45w Art Audio Quartet 845 Based Mono-Blocks

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ASKING PRICE is $14,200.  I will cover shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 and any paypal or CC fees.  


These are the US Demo Units that we used at AXPONA, Capital Audiofest and the amps that were reviewed by Enjoy The Music.  They are in perfect condition though the stock tubes have a few hours on them.  These amps are upgraded in several ways:

- Polished stainless steel chassis

- Lums & Blue Lights

- XLR Connections

Shipping is in included as are paypal fees and will have a full five year warranty, six months on the tubes.   

Read the review here:


When we were looking to design an amplifier that could deliver the power of push pull designs and the sheer musicality of lower power single end designs, we settled for the 845 push pull combination and the Quartet was born.

845s are the king of tubes in terms of soundstage and the Quartets will not disappoint.  They deliver a massive soundstage that is wide and deep.  These are wonderfully musical amplifiers with lots of power and with the high frequency extension of a 300b.  They are fitted with MKP capacitors and carbon film resistors.  These amps also feature automatic biasing and have a solid state, twin choke, filtered power supply.


Rectified dc heater supply with twin pye filters.


Auto bias set for 85 mA @ 750v.  Solid state twin choke power supply.




  • Power – 45w
  • Type - Push Pull 845 Power Tube
  • Frequency Response - 10hz to 65,000hz +/- 0.5dB at 1W
  • Frequency Response - 20hz to 50,000hz +/- 1.0dB at Full Power
  • Input Sensitivity - 700mv
  • Input Impedance - 180 KΩ
  • Output Impedance - 4&8ΩTaps
  • Noise at Speaker Terminals - Typically 3mv
  • Feedback – 6dB 
  • Biasing – Automatic Electronic
  • Rectifier - Solid State
  • Drivers - ECC 82 and 12BH7 

QUARTET (2).jpg





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