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HQPlayer Windows OS NAA

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I have tested the Latte Panda SBC which was referred by OE333 back in the DAC8 DSD thread, I tested & configured the NAA output as per suggestion of OE333 and it does work well and can do DSD512 upsample in pretty stable state, I did encounter few crashes after playing for few hours or if I skipped through tracks vigorously but it did not happen as often to be a big concern to me.

I had been using SOTM sms-200 ultra neo before with amanero beta firmware but it had issues with playing dsd512 so was just playing dsd256 with it and being able to play dsd512 is just wonderful with much fuller sound.

The price I would say is cheaper compared to above suggestions and it can be powered with battery so no need to worry about

noisy power source and it's fanless. Soundwise I though it sounded better than direct PC connection.


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