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Grimm Audio MU1 server

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The digital front end has made a lot of progress in the last years. Besides the DIY solutions, it’s great to see innovative turnkey products hit the market. Just to name a few I guess Antipodes is long known for its DX servers and now CX+EX combo, recently Silent Angel has introduced an affordable Rhein server (~ €1.500) and -on the opposite side of the spectrum- the Taiko Audio SGM Extreme server has received the highest appraisal from users and reviewers (at €24.000, see recent reviewed at 6moons). It kinda surprises me that the Grimm MU1 server went under the radar here at AS, so -with more spare time at hand these weeks- good to share and introduce this server here.


Coincidence or not, in about 1.5 hour drive from Taiko Audio another Dutch high end manufacture is located: Grimm Audio. Currently mostly known for its ultra-low jitter clocks (aimed at studio’s with Guido Tent) and LS1 speaker system line up, Grimm Audio has recently launched its MU1 server (€9.800). In short the MU1 is a Roon core server with Grimms oscillators, the inhouse developed power supply, endpoint with an inhouse designed FPGA board as the magic ingredient (which converts / up- or down samples to the desired format). Like other Grimm products, the MU1 is upgradable overtime (upgrade of the existing components and placement of a internal DAC).


The most interesting thing for me is that the FPGA is aimed to match the outgoing digital signal with the ‘default/native’ bit depth/sample rate of the connected DAC. For me this was a new approach, only later I discovered that Auralic has a similar approach with the Sirius G2 Upsampling Processor (€ 6.300). I’m not an expert by any means so I prefer to link to an interview where Eelco Grimm gives a proper explanation (time stamp, English subs). Have I been sleeping for years, or have more servers/streamers applied this DAC matching-approach?

Quick links for a fast introduction/understanding:

MU1 Interview Eelco Grimm (English subs)
The “Pure Nyquist” filters of the MU1

Company overview Hans Beekhuyzen
Productpage and reviews (6Moon has also a review of the MU1 lined up)


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Besides Ian Shepperd (host) and Eelco Grimm, Bob Ludwig and Bob Katz are in the panel. Tool - Fear Inoculum has won this years award. Great discussion going on.



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