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FS: SOTM sMS-200ultra Network Endpoint / Streamer

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I’m selling my SOTM sMS-200ultra Network Endpoint / Streamer.  I bought this brand new from an authorized Canadian dealer in August 2017.  This unit pre-dated the “Neo” version, but I have since installed the Neo / Evox capacitor myself.  This unit is in mint condition, works flawlessly, and will ship with all the original packaging and accessories as shown in the photos. 


These units can be configured internally to function on a variety of DC voltages.  This unit came from the factory set to operate on 9V DC, which is also what the original wall wart power supply provides. Currently this unit is set to function at 12V DC, which some users have found to improve sonics.  If the Buyer plans to use a high-quality 3rd party power supply, I suggest leaving this unit at 12V, but I can change it back to 9V on request.


More information on the cap upgrade and voltage settings can be found on the thread I started here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/57483-sotm-sms-200-neo-upgrade-diy-capacitor-details/?tab=comments#comment-1023710



I’m asking $800 USD / $110 CAD + shipping from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (T3H 1L5). 


I have extensive feedback on US / Canuck Audio Mart, Audiogon, eBay etc.


See my other ad for the matching SOTM TX-USBultra USB digital audio regenerator / re-clocker.

SOTM sMSX-200ultra - 1.jpg

SOTM sMSX-200ultra - 2.jpg

SOTM sMSX-200ultra - 3.jpg

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