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Innuos ZENith Special Edition Mk.II

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I am selling my Innuos ZENith Special Edition Mk.II, which was built and sold as a limited edition run of only 100 units. Mine is #12 of 100.

This music server is among the most user-friendly audio servers available today. It is virtually “plug and play” and is remote controllable by any iPad or Android tablet, PC/Mac, or iPhone/Android phone. It is a Roon Ready device that is also capable of Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify playback. It comes with 2TB of SSD storage although it can also stream files from any NAS providing virtually unlimited capacity.

It has a very low impedance custom power supply designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs and incorporates cascaded linear regulators and the finest Mundorf capacitors. The quality of this power supply is one of the key contributing factors to the very engaging and rich sound signature of this server. Comparable PSU’s built to similar specs currently retail for approx. 2k Euros when purchased separately.

I have rated my unit’s condition with 8/10 simply because it is not brand new and has a small scratch on the housing edge (see pictures). In addition, some of the letters for the Ethernet Port labels are missing. (comes from blindly replacing Ethernet Cables with the unit in a rack). In all other functional aspects, it would rate as a perfect 10/10.

The server’s original selling price was 5,600 € and I am asking 2,900 € (negotiable). I will ship Internationally in the original box. I accept Paypal and Electronic Transfer as payment options. The buyer assumes cost for shipping, duties and payment fees. (if applicable)

I am selling the server only because I have taken the next step-up in the Innuos Product Line

Here a review of the SE from John Darko:







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