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Transitioning from Mac Mini to a Streamer

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I'm strongly considering the Aurender N100. My needs are pretty simple.


I would like to continue improving my sound quality while playing flac files.


I would also like a streamer that is user friendly. I don't need a DAC.


I have the 2nd Gen Yiggy that I'm happy with . I need at least 2TB of internal storage, but would prefer 4 TB.


I'm somewhat familiar with the above mentioned Aurender N100  but....


What other brands and models should I consider given the above needs/wants.


All feedback and help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.



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You could save a bundle of money and put Roon Server on your mini and get a Sonore device to connect your Yggy to your network.

No electron left behind...

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Aurender N100 is plain too expensive for what it does! I sold mine and went:


Mac Mini running Roon server, Ethernet hard-wired to a USBridge Signature (Allo.com) and USB into my DAC.


I like this setup so much better than Aurender‘s darkish sounding N100. And ist costs a fraction of the hugely overpriced Aurender.

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