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Article: Dirac Live 2 Digital Room Correction Software Walkthrough

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2 minutes ago, pga said:

Recently hired Mitch to optimize my system.  Intelligently applied DSP is the most important change to my system since I started with this hobby in the late 1970s while studying electrical engineering in college.   Mitch ended up using Audiolense.   We’re on the second set of filters, trying to dial in the “perfect” timbre for my taste.  Over the years like most audiophiles I made many changes, most resulted in incremental Improvement, but this is the first true game changer in how my system sounds.   Real science, measurable results, very talented, easy to work with remotely.   What else can I say.  

Hey PGA, great to read about your experience with Mitch and the results. It mirrors my experience. DSP has come a very long way and in the right hands it’s amazing. 

Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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5 minutes ago, hulkss said:

Hi Mitch,

Here's a couple pics of the room and my first quick try with Dirac playing and measuring through Jriver DSP.

I had to switch the surround channel assignments into and out of Dirac and adjust the LFE test signal output level -10db to get correct results.






Love it!

Founder of Audiophile Style | My Audio Systems

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