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Article: Audiophile Style State of the Union

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There are basically three types of posters/users: the die hard regulars, the casual information seekers and the lurkers (who dont post)


Most of the issues I suggest tend to be with the die hards so why not allow a user to have a "no post" list on their profile so that any thread they start wont by "crapped on" by people they historically have an issue with.


This wont be an issue for the casual information seeker as they wont have any experience with "thread crappers" and will generally get answers to their questions anyway.


Lurkers (like myself) dont care (in fact we enjoy the back and forth) but it will allow the die hard regulars to have crap free threads.



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14 minutes ago, The Computer Audiophile said:

That place is very far from an objective pursuit of HiFi. But, I encourage people to have fun there if it's more their style. 

ASR is another example of a place "where nothing subjective is allowed".

“The best sounding audio product is the one that exhibits the least audible flaws.”

 Dr. Floyd Toole

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3 hours ago, pkane2001 said:


That's not it. I was following up on your answer to Mans, and it made little sense to me in the context of what you described. Sorry if I tried to use some humor to illustrate the point.


To restate: is it OK to have objectively-sourced information posted in the subjective area of the forum? Ever? Or can it be done but only without snark? Or only if the subjective audience doesn't mind the answer? And is it the whole audience, at least 10 readers, or any one who complains that triggers the move to Objective-Fi? When and how is the decision made that an answer doesn't qualify for the subjective part of the forum?


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23 minutes ago, Allan F said:


To compare the relatively trivial differences of opinion regarding the contents of an online audio forum to anti-Semitism, in general, and/or the Holocaust, in particular, is insulting, insensitive, outrageous and completely inappropriate. The analogy is a most egregious example of the application of Godwin's law or its equivalent.


Maybe this is because you (deliberately) misunderstood his analogy.

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What is the equivalent of Nancy Pelosi's action in this context?


More serious. It's good that you do address these issues, Chris. At the same time I think it is a shame it's needed. And I am curious if it will have effect. Feels a bit contrived.

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