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Roon server NUC Elements add-on card: place your bets please

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A new keen fanless NUC generation has been introduced a couple of months ago. Several configurations are possible by selecting a specific chassis, system boards and ‘compute’ element. They’re available for pre-order at the moment.


More info NUC Elements





Besides being fanless out of the box (!!), there is also an expandable model that by default offers a free slot to install a separate card, such as a clocked USB or Network output. With such an add-on card, it will be very very easy to create a powerful Roon server with a relevant output. I would love to see PinkFaun, JCAT, Uptone, Allo, Sonore, ... to jump in this area. 


Are there any other views about the possibilities the NUC Elements offer, and which add-on would you like to see?


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