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Server Configs for Innuos Zen (Streamer vs Core)

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I've had an Innuos Zen MK III for a little over a year now and consider it an integral part of my system (frankly it's the one component that I haven't swapped out in the past 12 months). 


Recently I downsized from separates to a Naim Uniti Nova all-in-one. The Nova has a built-in streamer and upsampling DSP, and in the context of the "all-in-one" sounds every bit as good (if different) than my prior Chord M Scaler & TT2 combo. 


Now I am wondering about the configuration of my Zen... I use it as a Roon Core, and I have used it in "Experimental Mode" for the past year, sending the USB stream into various DACs. Since the Nova is a "streamer," however, I am wondering if there are any sonic benefits to setting up the Zen as a "Core"-only and sending the stream via ethernet to the Nova. The Nova is also a verified Roon/RAAT Endpoint, so I'm not sure how all that figures into things.


I already have the ethernet going from the Zen into the Nova but technically I don't know "what" is actually doing the streaming... is the Zen acting as a streamer, sending the data via ethernet or is the Nova acting as the streamer pulling data from the network via the ethernet...


Just not clear on how this is all working now since I've abandoned the USB cable, and what settings would be recommended for optimal performance.



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As you connected your zen to nova with ethernet câble your zen is used as a roon core and nova as streamer...

If u use USB to thé dac then thé Zen IS used as roon core and streamer

If you do convolution with dsd it s better  to use zen as a core only and have a separate streamer to play music


Sincerely yours

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