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Dacapo - 60% Off Back Catalog

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6 hours ago, semente said:


I'd seen the Marco Polo label but never given them any attention.

Anything recommendations?


Looking this morning it appears a few have disappeared already.  Quite a few.  90% or better by rough estimate.  Whether this was resellers or individual interest?  Nothing jumps out at me per solid recommendations I could make personally.  The coop appears to have been flown based on how drastically this list reduced in the 9 hours since I posted here. 


My tastes for choral, organ, and instrumental music by Nordic composers are unlikely to match others more learned and experienced tastes.  Especially Continental's.  I see a Buxtehude with Emma Kirkby that is the rare album not Nordic music.  @austinpop (and I) might suggest listening to the webplayer of a Dausgaard or two.  Honestly the remaining stock stands a good chance of being misses, reissues of lower quality, or Nordic music too obscure for most tastes.  More positively, you should now have time to freely investigate the remaining stock.    

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1 hour ago, austinpop said:

Gotta admit my ignorance of this catalog of Nordic composers (other than Nielsen).


I thought you possibly might have gone beyond the Dacapo Dausgaard.  Found myself at straits to suggest anything left was even worth clicking through for.


Marco Polo set out to record in high quality a number of lesser known composers and works.  I came across them looking into some lesser known Portuguese composers.  Wagner and others were not ignored in this run at fully exposing the breadth of available music never heard in concert hall or recording.



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