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DSD Playback Issue

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Hi All. I recently encountered an problem with DSD128 music files not playing on my current digital front end. The system consists of a Zenith MK II music server setup as a Roon Core and renderer, connected to a Hegel H360 integrated amplifier/DAC via USB. The Hegel H360 requires the AppleDSD Driver to implement DSD playback through the amplifier/DAC. I downloaded the driver from the Hegel site on my MacBook and my iPad. The driver seemed to install on my MacBook, but on my iPad. Perhaps I did something wrong, but I don't think so. 


I then tried to play DSD128 music files through my Zenith acting as a core and renderer, while using the MacBook as a remote and also iPad as remote as well. via wifi. I did not connect my MacBook to my DAC via USB as I want playback to come from the server. The result was that Roon recognized the MacBook through the server but when I tried to play a track, it initiated playback, but only silence from my speakers. Any suggestions as to how to correct this problem without having to use my computer as a Roon Core or in any other way but as a remote control only. Thanks for your kind support.

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