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Dazed and Confused

Accessing Qobuz with Linn kazoo via microrendu

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5 hours ago, Dazed and Confused said:

Just renewed/reinstated an old Qobuz account last night. When I try to access this via Kazoo in microrendu I get "unable to load content". Help!


kazoo requires open home capability.  what are you using for a server?  have you installed bubbleupnp for open home capability?

source:  intel nuc8i5 (roon rock) > intel nuc6i5 (win 10, ao, roon bridge, dirac v1) > schiit yggdrasil (gen 5, analog 2)
headphone rig:  bryston bha-1 > senn hd600
two-channel rig:  luminous audio axiom ii xlr walker mod > parasound a21 > monitor audio gx100

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Thanks. I'm using the MPD/DLNA renderer setting, as per Sonore's instructions. This allows me to access Tidal, which I can do with no problems. My understanding is that I do the same to access Qobuz, once I've entered password. This works but I cannot access any content, as per my original post.

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