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Shanling CDT-100 Vacuum Tube CD Player

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Selling used Shanling CDT-100 vacuum tube CD player. Original owner. Purchased from Underwood Hi-Fi for $2760. Comes in original box with all the accessories including 3 spiked feet and remote. Great sounding CD player. I enjoyed it for many years. Had a kid and ripped all my CDs to prevent them from becoming frisbees. $400 via paypal. Will negotiate shipping in the US. 20200129_120033.thumb.jpg.1382ab84744dc701a7fb769af7b0592b.jpgsnip_20200129121043.thumb.jpg.14cb185602d6feaa3cc640ee446edb2b.jpg20200129_120335.thumb.jpg.79aa5688f79037c09ca18ec82a1ee81d.jpgsnip_20200129121230.thumb.jpg.8121c2a88fa3272e3a979cde9e6879c2.jpg

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