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M12 Switch Gold - review and comparison to other audiophile switches on the market

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Emile of @Taiko Audio just posted a comparison between swtiches including the m12 switch gold. Link to the comparison:




Here is the latest review of the m12 switch gold on YouTube by Pursuit Perfect System:


And here is the lastest customer testimonial: 




JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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The first one sounds better but is the m12 the only thing that has changed?

The second one sounds like something in the room acoustics has changed.

Meitner ma1 v2 dac,  Sovereign preamp and power amp,

DIY speakers with scan speak illuminator drivers.

Raal SR1a

Under development:

NUC7i7dnbe, Euphony Stylus, Qobuz.

Modded Buffalo-fiber-EtherRegen, DC3- Isoregen, Lush^2

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The video was removed. Here is a message from Bob, the owner of Rhapsody Audio:


I apologize to readers here. I had posted a few videos but I used a cell for one and a Nikon for the other.  They were also two different speakers that were in the two videos.  It was my error and didn't realize that I had actually posted the cell video with the other speakers.


I will be doing comparison videos with the M12Gold Switch and without, but with the same recording devices and the same speakers.


Again, sorry


JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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M12 SWITCH GOLD  /w OPTIMO 3 DUO power supply review on 6moons:

'JCAT significantly boosted my not exactly affordable rig’s performance and didn’t alter its natural flavour. But this set’s potency way up there with a major component upgrade, would leave many seasoned ears rather surprised. Most of us simply don’t expect supportive boxes to do this type of wicked work, but some do. I have no idea how much would I have to spend on speakers, DAC or amp clearly above those I already own, but most likely nowhere near today’s sum total.'
Dawid Grzyb, Hifi Knights & 6moons

Full review available here: https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/jcat/

JPLAY & JCAT Founder

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