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Trouble Connecting Sonore Micro Rendu to Macbook

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Hi, I am having trouble connecting a new Micro Rendu to a Macbook Pro laptop used as a music server. (My internet router is one floor and 40 feet away from the audio system, so I can't connect to that).  Yesterday, I learned from Jesus at Sonore that there is a essentially a 2nd instruction manual posted here on Audiophile Style for directly connecting the Rendu to a Mac or PC: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/27933-sonicorbiter-direct-connection-to-a-macpc-beta/ 


This page showed me how to turn on internet sharing on the Mac, which allows the Sonic Orbiter website to detect the Rendu device and my IP. That's progress, but the web page also says that "no Sonicorbiter OS based music servers can be found on my network".  Also, when I click on the 'manage' button on the web page in order to configure the Rendu, my computer then tries to reach my own 8-digit IP address and fails.  Fyi I reported these problems to Jesus this morning but I guess he's busy because I haven't received a reply.  I have also searched around the archives here and haven't found, at least not yet, an exchange that directly addresses my problems.


My system is a 2019 Macbook Pro with two USB C ports>Audirvana>ethernet cable to the Rendu>USB cable to the DAC on a Vinnie Rossi Lio amp.  The cables are all stock. I'll upgrade them if necessary or to see if I get a performance boost.


I am a newbie in terms of digital audio but really want to make it work.  What am I doing wrong? Do I need to install some kind of Sonic Orbiter software on my computer?  Is it a problem that I am using an adapter to connect the ethernet cable to the computer's USB port?  Are there other settings to be tweaked that I don't know about?  


Thank you for any help!  I really don't know what to do otherwise! 

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