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Anyone using Soundiiz Premium?

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I haven’t seen any post on Soundiiz in a long time. Chris’s “Definitive Guide” article hasn’t seen any traffic in almost a year. So I wanted to ask some questions since I haven’t tried Soundiiz yet but I’m ready to jump on board if enough folks say they had good results. So, here goes:


1. Who here used Soundiiz to move playlists from one service to another? Which services? Was it a good experience?

2. Who is still using the Sync feature to keep favorites/albums/playlists synced between two or more services? Which ones? Does that work well?


For context, I have been a TIDAL subscriber for a year and a half. I have been a Qobuz subscriber since the Beta offer was extended to me (about a year ago). I am also an Apple Music subscriber and have a substantial iTunes library (started with the first iPod). I have been manually transferring favorites off-and-on between services (when not just enjoying the music) for over a year; getting reacquainted with all this music from my library has been great, but far from efficient when it comes to the goal of duplicating most of my library on all these services. Why I keep all 3 services is besides the point, but I do have reasons (and no, I don’t like MQA, but I really like the My Mix playlists).


I’m ready to give up this manual syncing and try Soundiiz if there are enough endorsements. I know I could just try the Premium for a month and cancel, but I didn’t want to give out my login credentials for all my services to a company I barely know anything about (not much about the company online) unless I’m going to use them long term.


Appreciate any and all comments. Thanks!


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