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After many years with the ATOM based music server (win 7 used as roon renderer) connected via firewire to Weiss DAC202. 

I am looking for a roon ready streamer to feed the Weiss DAC202. 

Few considerations...

1. It should sound as good/better than the Ayer7 transport CD also connected via XLR to Weiss

2. Cost up to 2K..  with the higher priced (4.5-5K) alternatives i might go for a new DAC with build in streamer


My Setup:

ROCK Server > MS > firewire to Weiss DAC202

Ayre 7 > XLR to Weiss DAC202

CJ CT5 and CJ Premier 140

Magico S3 Mk2



Ayre CD + CAPS Server > Weiss DAC202 > CJ CT5 > CJ Prem140 > AudioPhysics Virgo

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I also have a Weiss DAC202 (with USB Interface). I find the best sounding input is FW, so my advice would be to stick with FW.

I am using a MacMini Late 2009 with OSX El Capitan and Roon Bridge as and endpoint. Works like a charm and the combination sounds very good.

I have compared my MacMini / FW streamer to a heavily optimized Windows PC with a jCAT Femto USB card, and the USB connected streamer does not sound as good.

If I were in your shoes, I would put Windows 10 and Roon Bridge on the existing ATOM based Streamer.

Let the music touch your soul

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1 hour ago, elevi2 said:

Hi did you experienced better sound with windows 10 compare to 7?


I only compared the MacMini 2009 with OSX connected via Firewire and the optimized PC with Windows 10 connected via USB. So I can't tell you whether Windows 10 sounds better than Windows 7.

I recall having read posts that report Windows 10 sounding similar to Windows Server and better than previous versions of Versions. See here: https://www.audiostream.com/content/audiophileoptimizer


"Honestly, there are a lot of bad things about Windows 10, but Microsoft generally delivers better audio performance in Windows 10 and Server 2016 “out of the box”"


I would stick with the FW connection and upgrade to Windows 10 simply for security reasons (Win 7 is end of extended support).

If you are looking to improve your sound quality significantly beyond what the FW connection gives you, you would need to look into a different DAC. The Weiss is good, but does have its limitations.




Let the music touch your soul

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Bryston BDP1/2/3 serve as Roon endpoint and have SPDif (Bnc) and AES output, alongside USB.  I find the BDP1 to be pretty solid in this role (even with DSD over AES/SPDif) and can be picked up very cheaply used now, while Bryston still support with ongoing FW updates etc.   From memory the BDP2 sounds a little better as the Spdif/AES outputs come from the ”IAD” which is an onboard USB to SPDif converter rather than the modified Juli card in the BDP1.  

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