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Creating and managing Qobuz playlists using Audirvana

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I gave up using the Qobuz app for Windows because it would not stream files at the correct resolution when switching between files of different sampling rate in playlists, and because it wouldn't play 192khz files at all thru my DAC after trying all different settings. So I signed up for a free trial of Audirvana which solved all those problems when using it as my Qobuz interface and player, and I plan on paying for a permanent license.


However, the playlists I created in the Qobuz app and the playlists I create from Qobuz music in Audirvana are all rearranged to a different order, I think it is sorting by album name and then track number. I want the files to be sequenced in the order I added them to the playlist, and/or to be able to resequence the tracks in the order of my choosing not based on any smart sorting, for chronological year of recording or flow of music. I can't figure out how to do this. Am I doing something wrong? There are numerous options in Audirvana to add a playlist including smart, manual, Tidal and Qobuz and I am using Qobuz since the files are all from Qobuz. Can I or should I be selecting "manual" when creating a playlist with all Qobuz music?

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