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Node 2i to Lumin D2 using internal DAC

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I’ve just started on a retirement upgrade path to create a system for when I have more free time, hoping to have components I'll be happy with for a good while, I’m happy with my Facal speakers and have just upgraded my amp to a Roksan Blak.

I want a 2 box set up without loads of cables so it streamer into amp.

The node 2i is OK, i wouldn’t call it warm and musical I guess you could describe it as clinical and does the job.

Price and quality wise it a good way behind the amp and it make we wonder if the D2 would bring rewards of a more balances warmer sounding system.

Anyone performed this upgrade or have a view if its a marginal, good, no brainer upgrade?
I’ve downloaded the app to my iPad and its reading my library off the NAS and I do like the interface, streaming wise
i’ll be adding my Tidal account.



Lumin D2> Roksan Blak> Focal 806

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