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SOtM question: tX-USBultra or sCLK-OCX10 for the sMS-200ultra

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A question for SOtM the experts that are so helpful on this forum. I am thinking of an SOtM  sMS-200 Ultra se with the sMS 500 power supply.  If I was to purchase either the tX-USBultra or the sCLK-OCX10 to go with this what would you think would give the best improvement in sound quality?   Would both units be much better still?

I know that the sMS 500 can power two of these units with a Y-shape DC cable, would it be possible to power all three of these units with a triple DC cable should you think that both units with the sMS-200 Ultra is a far better option?  

I have to say this forum is brilliant - I have learned so much from you guys. Particularly the 600+ page thread on these matters.

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I'm working on the same direction.

SOtM sMS-200 Ultra Neo + Tx USBUltra + Gustard C16 10M Clock OCXO, you can use the sMS500 with the 2 SOtM and Gustard with a linear power dedicated but you is cheeper than SOtM Master Clock.

I listened this configuration with on a frends system and really sound amazing, very analogical, clean and detailed.

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