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My options for the Kitchen setup

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Since entering into the wonderful world of audio setup I have ended up with three main listening setups - living room, bedroom and kitchen. And in fact one of the things I discovered is that my living setup (in which I invested the most amount of money) is hardly needed - I hardly ever listen to music there. The bedroom and Kitchen are used a lot more. Listening to music in the evening in the bedroom and over the weekends in the kitchen. Hence, I decided to upgrade both. In the bedroom I will place a Bluesound Powernode 2i with Fyne Audio F302 speakers. This will release the Dali Spektor 2 currently in the bedroom to move to the kitchen (currently using powered Stelje NS3 - these may go to my office). I am now looking for a small amp to power the Dalis. I am almost decided on the new SMSL SA300 which seem to improve on the widely acclaimed AD18. Only potential issue I have is that the SMSL are fully digital, meaning I cannot improve the DAC part (for which I can use a Topping NX4 I already have). Do I stick with the SMS?  Any other ideas? Needless to say I need small and relatively discrete components. 

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