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R.I.P. Neil Peart, legendary Rush drummer

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One of the greatest drummers ever.   In my head he is the greatest. I started playing drums because of him. I wanted to learn how he created all those great beats and fills.  Fortunate for my parents I was no good at, picked up the guitar and tried to learn Alex Lifeson solos, that turned out a little better.


Almost every guy I know, has at least one time in their life, air drummed to Tom Sawyer.  Roon will be queued up with Rush all weekend. 


R.I.P. Neil

PC/NAS/JRiver/Roon - PS Audio P5 Regenerator - KEF LS50 Nocturne - Rel 328 subwoofer - PS Audio AC5 Power cables 

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The first Rush concert I ever went to was Rush’s “Signals” tour (April 1st, 1983, CT). I was too young to go to the “Moving Pictures” concert since the closest venue was 2 hours away and I didn’t have my license yet. I will always remember seeing Rush live over the years, primarily because of Neil Peart. The greatest drum soloist of all time. Thanks for making those nights magical Neil. Rest in Peace.

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