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Building a DIY Music Server

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1 hour ago, Downtheline said:

Try as I might I can find this on mouser. Do have a link to a supplier?

Ordered the rams thur a fd who placed a special order to Apacer directly.  


14 minutes ago, seeteeyou said:

As seeteeyou referred above, you may contact Apacer US directly.




dCS Vivaldi Upsampler - La Sound Olympia PC, Tara Labs Zero Evo AES; dCS Vivaldi DAC - Siltech Double Crown PC - Tara Labs 30LE XLR; dCS Vivaldi Clock - Shunyata Sigma Digital PC - Canare 12g-SDI BNC; Mutec Ref10 SE-120 - Shunyata Sigma Digital PC - AR Cox Triple C BNC; Roon Server / Uptone EtherRegen / Uptone JS-2 / Pachanko Ethernet "Itération"; Spectral DMC-30SS MKii - Siltech Double Crown PC - Nordost Tyr2 XLR; Spectral DMC-360 MKii - Tiglon 2000A PC - AR RTP6 Abs. - Transparent Reference G5 spk cable; Rockport Atria MKi, Shunyata Triton V2 + Typhon - Sigma HC PC, Thixar SMD Ultimate Rack + CMS Platinum MKiii


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So options for running two PCI cards without a flexi extender / riser...


Maximus XI Gene Z390 seems to be my favored option - but the 1x PCIe slot goes through the Z390 chipset and is not direct to CPU.  Anyone got any ideas on how this might affect the performance of JCAT USB XE?  I have to attach the solarflare to the full speed PCIe slot.


Other options:

  • MPG Z390M GAMING EDGE AC matx - does have direct CPU 8x/8x slots, but likely no 2oz copper.
  • Otherwise it's full size ATX like the Z390 DESIGNARE as previously mentioned.
  • or just use the M2 to PCI cable with my existing ITX as originally planned (1x PCIe will be routed through Z390 again)


Difficult to know which would sound best!  A mini-DTX motherboard would be great - but zero opportunity there.

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4 hours ago, Exocer said:

Hi Gavin,

The Asus WS Z390 Pro seems to fit the bill although it isn't cheap. Probably one heck of a Motherboard. 


The block diagram suggests all devices in the larger PCI-E 16X slots go CPU direct per the block diagram here:




There is the QSW though. I am not sure what the SQ impact would be with the QSW in the chain.


You can avoid whatever the QSW introduces by using only the 1 and 3 PCI-E 16X sized slots:




Here is the Asus Sage C621 in comparison, no QSW on CPU 2 but there is one on CPU 1:




Not sure if the general consensus is to avoid it.




Good find.  I wasn't aware of QSW.  Apparently it adds latency so you can see the benefit to the C621 MB approach.


I have decided to go for the Maximus XI Gene Z390, it has an additional phase on the CPU VRM compared to my existing ASROCK Phantom ITX.  As per the ASROCK it also doesn't use doublers, which could be a good thing in my experience (C621 also doesn't use doublers it's a true 7 phase design).  It also has a single phase of VRM on VCCSA and VCCIO.  These features put it, in theory, ahead of the other choices.


The other feature which is quite unique is that the motherboard sacrifices two channels of RAM to allow the use of the DIMM.2 M.2 slot which supports PCIe 3.0 x4 directly from the CPU.  In theory (again!) this could also allow M2 to PCIe flex to be used and compared against the onboard PCIe x1 that goes through the Z390 chipset.


My optane M2 drive can only be routed through the Z390 chipset, so cannot be installed in the DIMM.2 M.2 slot.


So, Maximus XI gene can allow everything other than my Optane drive to be directly attached to CPU and also leaves a bit more space in my HDPlex enclosure for things like wall mounted regulators in the future.

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Just curious if using this adapter with M.2 ssd - will perform good or better to avoid it?

I think this anyway better than external or sata option, but I want get a best performance and SQ as possible, so if here is some suggestions - many thanks!:)


Intel Optane PCI ssd is abnormally expansive for now:)

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7 hours ago, Gavin1977 said:

p.s. anyone looking for an LGA1200 motherboard... MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI seems like a good choice and mATX format.

Isn't it ATX?  Can't find a block diagram unfortunately.

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1 hour ago, John769 said:

Isn't it ATX?  Can't find a block diagram unfortunately.

You can get it in both ATX and mATX.  I asked MSI directly and it can do 8x/8x direct to CPU - it’s relatively affordable as well.

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3 hours ago, AME said:

Looks great,


I am however curious which USB chipset will be used. I understood that it will not be using the ASM 3142.



Looks very much like it uses the same host controller I also alighted on when screening available chipsets, the μPD720202. 

OAudio Ltd.


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3 hours ago, Mops911 said:

@Nenonwhy would you choose AMD over Intel? Is this based on your last builds documented in this thread?


More processing power and less heat is two reasons...

No electron left behind...

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