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Building a DIY Music Server


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1 minute ago, basillus said:

elan120 wrote:

OP did say the wiring connections are as follows.


   On 1/11/2020 at 8:08 AM,  Nenon said: 

I connected it this way:

3.3V --> pin 1

5.0V --> pin 4, pin 8, and pin 9

12V --> pin 10

Ground --> pin 3

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Yes I know, but according this:


and this there is a mismatch where the wires are placed...




The pinout diagram shows the bottom side of the connector.

My picture shows the top side of the connector. Hope that makes sense. 

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56 minutes ago, marce said:

The DC to the motherboard would be far better with a separate 0V wire for each voltage from the regulators, one wire is a compromise and not a good idea.

That is actually on my list to change at the end. I’ve done it both ways and haven’t noticed a difference in the sound quality, but it’s a good practice.

The key of this build is the power isolation between the CPU, ATX, Usb, and network card. That’s what improves the sound the most as well as the excellent quality of the Sean Jacobs DC3 rails, the quality of the transformer, and the silver/gold wires.

But yes, I’ll do that at the end anyway. Attention to every detail is important.

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On 1/11/2020 at 10:36 AM, RickyV said:

Where did you get the transformer from and curious about it’s casing. 


On 1/14/2020 at 6:05 AM, amolan said:

Where did you get this wonderful toroidal ? I never see something like it before.


The transformer is from Toroidy. It's their Supreme Audio Grade V2 version but customized for the requirements of this project. Their transformers are 10x more expensive than similar specs Chinese transformers. I have seen them on some ultra high-end gear recently. The Cerat Kassandra 2 REF DAC comes to mind, but I've seen them at other places too, just can't remember now. They come epoxied in the case by default. 

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2 hours ago, StreamFidelity said:


I am not referring to it, but I answer anyway. 😁

I use the ROG MAXIMUS XI GENE and it fits perfectly into Streacom FC9 Alpha (Black) - Desktop - micro ATX with HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX. I'm excited. 


I am very tempted to compare the two ASUS ROG motherboards. Asked the person I am building the computer for. It's his call and it seems like he is open to it. Keep you posted. 


In the meantime I need to do more RAM tests, because I really liked what I heard with the ECC RAM last night. I have a PS Audio Power Plant P20 regenerator, and the electricity in my house is not "night and day", but even with the power regenerator sometimes I get better sound in the evening. Not sure how much of what I've heard was related to that. And RAM needs to run for a while, so no easy way to do A/B comparisons. I would need to repeat that test several times over a period of time to be confident which RAM sounds better. But please, let's not turn this discussion into psychoacoustic, snake oil, etc. We've done a really good job to stay on track so far. 


Also, thank you for all the comments and feedback. You guys are awesome! 

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@StreamFidelity I am looking at your build:



Hmm, I wonder if the PinkFaun ultraOCXO clock would fit in this motherboard without removing the big heatsink on the motherboard. See the part in red. It almost looks like it would not fit. 




Also, I like the extra space between the JCAT NIC and PinkFaun card in the ITX motherboard. The JCAT generates a lot of heat (probably EMI too) and would be nice to keep it further apart. 

I may still order one of those motherboards to try. 

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5 hours ago, dminches said:

Why not use a larger case, like the FC10, with a modified back panel so that you have more space and can use the cards vertically?



Have you seen the HDPlex H5 2nd Gen? No need to do the FC9/FC10 mod.






I considered it for this build but decided to use Streacom FC9 instead. 


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