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Hi all,


So I followed SwissBear's guide (or at least I think I had, more or less) to making a minimum phase IR to correct the frequency response of my little desktop system.


But then I had a little experiment, and rather than using the Phase EQ of RePhase to correct the EQ Phase, I just used "brute force" with some "fairly"(!) large adjustments to make the measured averaged in-room phase more or less flat.


Unless I'm misunderstanding the guide - which I'm interpreting as using the Phase EQ in RePhase to only correct the Frequency EQ induced phase errors - I don't see RePhase being used for these big corrections. To be honest, I thought such big adjustments would sound horrendous (200 degrees I think in one case!) - but not at all. It is a "somewhat" subtle effect, that does wonders for soundstage accuracy. I've tried Dirac (v1, years ago) in this listening setup before, and honestly this IR filter with REW-generated EQ corrections and RePhase-corrected phase sounds 100x more natural.


I'm happy with the result, and continue to use the filter I generated.  But I guess I'm after input as to whether this is a common thing to do, whether there is a better way to do it, whether I was lucky because of the near-field setup, or if I just misunderstood SwissBear's guide and that was the intention all along!

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