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My new USBridge Sig doesn't want to play nice with my Ayre Codex. Using Moode's Squeezeplay renderer, Roon seems to die after a couple of songs and Airplay doesn't work at all although the built in radio stations work just fine. I wasn't able to get RopieeXL to work at all with the Codex, but both the Roon renderer and Airplay work great with it. 


Previously, an Allo USBridge (original version) stopped working with the Codex and I could not get it running again.  


My computer does work with the Ayre Codex and the DAC largely seems to work with a Schitt Multibit Modi leading me to wonder what is up (I'm going to try Ropieexl). The Modi can't hold a candle to the Codex, so I'd like to get this resolved somehow. 


Does anybody have a Codex working with these products?  

Software: Roon [depricated: Moode Audio (http://moodeaudio.org), Audirvana Plus+]

Digital: Ayre Codex [upgrading to Ayre QX-5 Twenty]; Oppo UDP-205; [depricated: Raspberry Pi 2 with Hifiberry Digi+];  Synology Diskstation 412+ NAS;  Tidal

Preamplification: Ayre KX-5 Twenty;  Amplification: Ayre VX-5 Twenty; Speakers: Vandersteen 5A 

Analog: Clearaudio Performance DC, Concept tonearm, Artist v2 ebony cartridge, Ayre P-5xe, Nakamichi 630 (Tuner… just for fun)

Cables: Audioquest Aspen for speakers, otherwise Anti-cables throughout (except Audioquest running from P-5xe to K-5xeMP) 

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